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Why Choose Us For Long Distance Move?

  • LOW HOURLY RATES OR FLAT RATE: Great prices and opportunity to choose the most suitable option to pay for our services. Get exceptional service without surprise expenses.
  • MOVE TO ANY DESTINATION: We will move you to another city, province of Canada or even another country.
  • OWN FLEET OF TRUCKS: We have our own fleet of trucks of various sizes allowing us to perform a move of any scale.
  • PROFESSIONAL & TRAINED MOVERS: Our movers are trained professionals, who know how to handle heavy, over-sized and fragile cargo. We have all the needed equipment to handle your belongings with proper care.
  • PROPERTY INSURANSE: We provide the opportunity to insure your property to protect it from damages or losses.
  • THOUSANDS OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS: We treat our customers as close friends assisting them from the very beginning and to the last box delivered.

There should be no mistakes in long distance move preparation and carrying out as it is impossible or too costly to return to an old location in order to pick up a forgotten thing. When you are moving to another city, you are changing your life. And if you want to change it for the better you should start with properly prepared move. In this case services of our company will come in handy.

We are one of those long distance movers from Fort McMurray that have studied the process to the smallest details. That is why we can confidently say that we are able to implement long distance moving from Fort McMurray to any other city of Canada of any complexity. Moving with us means no worries, no pitfalls and no moving hassle for our customers. We provide our customers with an opportunity to choose from several options to pay for the service: hourly rate or fixed fee.

You will never find more reliable long distance mover in Fort McMurray!

Testimonials From Our Clients

Moving from Fort McMurray to Edmonton

Ft. McMurray Movers

I had a good experience with this company when moving to Edmonton. Although I had numerous boxes with my belongings, none of them were lost. All the porcelain and glass items reached the destination safe and sound. Nothing to say - just well done!

5.0 5.0

Moving from Fort McMurray to Calgary

I turned to the company at the stage of preparation and it was wise decision. Your pros helped me pack all my things fast and reliably, so all my stuff survived through a long-distance move. I'm so grateful for this. I’ll recommend your company to all!

April 17, 2017